At Staffing for Texans, we believe that finding the perfect fit for your staffing needs is paramount. As a leading staffing agency in Houston and Dallas, we offer a variety of job opportunities, on-site positions across multiple industries. We are dedicated to helping individuals find their next job by providing resources and support throughout the job search process. Selecting the right staffing partner is a critical decision that can significantly impact your company’s success. 

To help businesses make informed choices, we have compiled a list of the top 20 questions to ask when evaluating staffing agencies. By asking these detailed questions, businesses in Houston and Dallas can gain a comprehensive understanding of a staffing agency’s capabilities, ensuring they select a partner that aligns with their specific needs and expectations.

Questions for finding the best staffing agency for your needs

What comes with the markup?
Understanding what is included in the markup helps you see the full value of the services provided, ensuring transparency in the cost structure and avoiding unexpected expenses. Knowing what is included in the mark-up helps set expectations and better understand the tailored employment solutions to help achieve your desired outcome. 

Where does the Certificate of Insurance (COI) come from and how is it managed?
Knowing the producer or insurance carrier and management of the COI, including checking if your company is listed as additionally insured, ensures proper coverage and reduces potential liability risks.

Why is a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for bidding purposes important and how do I know I am listed as additional insured on their policy?
A COI for bidding purposes should be presented to you with the agreement and W9. These COIs for bidding purposes are to show the coverages you will receive when you become additionally insured. Once the agreement is signed, the producer or insurance carrier will directly send you a COI with you listed as additionally insured in the box on the lower left hand corner titled as “CERTIFICATE HOLDER.” 

Do you provide detailed job descriptions to prospective employees?
Providing comprehensive job descriptions ensures candidates understand their roles clearly, attracting highly qualified candidates and reducing misunderstandings, which in turn improves job performance and satisfaction. The more information attained, the better the chances of lowering turnover. 

Do you offer any visual aids, such as pictures or videos, to prospective employees?
Visual aids can help candidates get a better understanding of the job environment and expectations, leading to better-prepared hires and smoother onboarding.

How do you retain your employees?
Understanding the agency’s employee retention strategies, such as appreciation programs and benefits like PTO and holiday pay, can indicate the stability and satisfaction of their workforce, which can lead to better long-term placements.

What is your policy in terms of communication?
Knowing the agency’s communication policies, including response times and availability of a 24/7 hotline, ensures you can get timely support and updates when needed.

Do you conduct walkthroughs of our facility before making placements?
Facility walkthroughs help the agency understand your specific needs and environment, leading to better candidate matches and more effective placements tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

What industries do you specialize in?
Understanding the agency’s specialization helps ensure they have relevant experience and can provide tailored solutions, avoiding mistakes that could be prevented with industry-specific knowledge. A good rule of them is asking the recruiter(s) or sales representative industry specific questions to gauge their familiarity with the industry. 

What is your recruitment process?
Knowing the detailed recruitment efforts, including how candidates are sourced, screened, and selected, helps you evaluate the thoroughness and uniqueness of their approach compared to other staffing firms. Especially when evaluating competing local staffing firms, understanding how candidates are sourced can help when choosing the right firm. It is also important to understand the policy on success rates and whether there are additional strategies or solutions in hand, just in case the agreed upon success rates are not met. 

How do you ensure the quality of your qualified candidates?
Quality assurance measures like background checks, skill assessments, and references are crucial for ensuring candidates meet your standards, reducing the risk of fixing mistakes post-placement. Discovering the average tenure of recruiters can also help in this aspect, the more experience, the better. 

What is your success rate for placements?
High success rates indicate effective candidate-client matching, suggesting fewer issues and better long-term fits for your roles.

Can you provide references from similar clients?
References from similar clients can offer insights into the agency’s track record and reliability, helping you verify their claims and ensure they align with your expectations.

What is your average time to fill a position?
Efficient placement times reflect the agency’s ability to meet urgent staffing needs and their effectiveness in streamlining the hiring process. Having a transparent firm that sets expectations and follows through on them is a must. 

How do you handle temporary staffing versus permanent placements?
Understanding their distinct approaches to different placement types, similar to a temp agency that handles both temporary and permanent placements, ensures they can meet your diverse staffing needs without compromising on quality. The mark-up is also influenced by the route that is taken.

Do you offer any guarantees or replacement policies?
Guarantees and replacement policies provide security in case a placement doesn’t work out, reflecting the agency’s confidence in their candidates and commitment to client satisfaction.

How do you stay updated with industry trends and local job markets?
An informed agency that stays current with trends and market changes can provide better insights and more relevant candidates, ensuring you stay competitive.

What kind of support do you provide after placement?
Post-placement support, such as follow-ups and performance check-ins, ensures long-term success and a smooth transition for the new hire.
If the current placement does not work out, we are committed to being available for the next opportunity.

How do you handle candidate onboarding?
Effective onboarding processes, including providing detailed job descriptions and possibly visual aids like pictures or videos, help new hires integrate quickly and understand their roles better. The onboarding processes for both the staffing firm and the company hiring the employees on should be explained from the very beginning. 

What types of training or development do you offer candidates?
Training and development opportunities reflect the agency’s commitment to continuous improvement and can enhance candidate readiness, reducing the need for extensive in-house training.

How do you manage compliance with local employment laws and regulations?
Ensuring compliance with employment laws protects your company from legal issues and demonstrates the agency’s professionalism and adherence to ethical standards.

Can you describe your client-candidate matching process?
A detailed matching process, including facility walkthroughs to understand your specific needs, ensures better-fit hires and avoids a cookie-cutter approach that could lead to more work for you.

What sets your agency apart from competitors?
Understanding the unique aspects of the agency, such as specialized expertise or superior insurance practices like detailed COIs, can highlight their strengths and the added value they bring. Also consider the solutions the sales representative(s) provide you to better understand the approach they will take and how it will compare to your current efforts or staffing firm(s).

How do you measure client satisfaction?
Regular feedback mechanisms and responsiveness to client needs indicate the agency’s commitment to high service standards and continuous improvement. Success rate in their placements and the yearly customer retention rates can also provide a track record.

Can you provide case studies or success stories?
Real-world examples of successful placements and satisfied clients can reassure you of the agency’s capabilities and effectiveness.

How do you handle challenges or issues that arise during the recruitment process?
Understanding the agency’s approach to problem-solving and their responsiveness, including 24/7 support or quick communication policies, ensures they can effectively manage any issues that may arise.

What is your fee structure?
Clarifying all costs, including what is included in the markup, helps avoid hidden fees and ensures you understand the value provided by the agency. Be sure to know the fee structure when you want to hire the candidate before the agreed upon conversion hours, called a buyout, or whether there is a fee once the employee(s) converts to your payroll. 


Choosing the right staffing agency is crucial for the success of your business. By asking detailed questions about markup inclusions, Certificate of Insurance management, job descriptions, visual aids, employee retention strategies, communication policies, and facility walkthroughs, you can ensure that your staffing partner understands and meets your specific needs.

Additionally, understanding the agency’s specialization, recruitment process, candidate quality assurance, placement success rates, client references, and post-placement support can help you make an informed decision. 

At Staffing for Texans, we are committed to providing tailored staffing solutions through our long-term experience in both Dallas and Houston that align with your business objectives. Our unique approach, combined with our dedication to client satisfaction and continuous improvement, sets us apart. 

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