Using an online electronic clock: U-AttendUsing an online electronic clock: U-Attend

The Employee Management System that we have used the past 5 years, is called uAttend. Not only is it a wireless, WiFi time-clock but it is also an employee management system that allows you to know who is in, who is out, and who is missing time in real-time whenever you want. This system works on a desktop computer and also on a phone app making it very easy to use.

Practical Benefits:

  • Understand your budget better: By allowing a supervisor to see how many hours each employee has in real-time.
  • Make approving time cards easy: Accepting and making changes to hours every week becomes a breeze for you and for us.
  • Know what’s going on in your warehouse in realtime: You can easily view hours whether it be based on the individual employee or overall hours.
  • Know who is in your warehouse – their name and how many people are working at any time.
  • Clocking-in made simple: Enter a pin or fingerprint. A majority of our clients use the fingerprint option to ensure the right person is clocking-in.
  • Helps to solve a majority of the payroll issues.

How uAttent Works

Key Benefits of using this system:

  • There is no way to remotely hack the machine
  • Passcode needed to access account/change settings/assign permissions, etc.
  • You can assign different roles for each account – i.e. administrator, supervisor, managers, departments, etc.

We currently have several clients who use this system with over 40+ people and we have not run into any security issues and if you have any technical issues, we can get it resolved with a quick phone call. It is very user friendly.

This is a free service for you if you have 20+ employees with us. We have wireless and wired time-clocks ready for your company; and we will come to install it for you. Ask for a free trial and see if this works with your business.